Reading Response #12 and Hello, Summer. Yay!

  • How did you find the process of working on one long piece throughout the whole semester? Do you think you learned anything valuable about how to write? Why or why not? What has stuck with you in terms of attitudes to writing or practices of writing?

I enjoyed working on one long piece throughout the whole semester because I really liked the topic that I chose. It was something that really interested me and I am glad that we had to submit it a couple of times because it allowed me to know the arrangements I needed to make for my final submission. I learned that to be able to accomplish something big, you have to work extremely hard! Writing this paper was definitely one of the hardness writing tasks that I ever had to do, and I learnt that it was supposed to be hard because writing in general is hard. I am still not a huge fan of writing, but this class allowed me to like it a little more because I had the chance to include a little bit of my personality in my feature article. This class taught me that writing is important and that the more you practice, the better you will be.

  • Which of the techniques of writing (description, narrative, analogy, etc.) that we learned in class do you think will be useful to your writing going forward? Why has this particular technique resonated with you?

I believe that analogy is probably the technique that will be the most useful with my writing later on in life because it allows the readers to have a better understanding of what you are trying to say. I had a really hard time mastering this technique, but I feel that practicing throughout the course of the semester was definitely beneficial to my writing in general. Analogies are hard because writing is hard, so I will always keep that in mind when I’ll be preparing those huge essays at Concordia.

  • Do you feel your writing improved over the course of the semester? If so, how? If not, why not?

I find that my writing improved over the course of the semester because it was a type of course that I had never done before. I was never allowed to include my opinion in an essay, so practicing and learning about different types of techniques definitely had a positive impact on my writing. I know that I am not the best writer, but this class taught me that it is okay to make mistakes and that you need be proud of everything that you write because it brings you one step closer to writing a master piece.

  • What’s one aspect of writing you think you’ll continue to try to improve in future writing projects?

I will definitely try to improve the imagery aspect because I find it really important. It is a tool that everyone should because it gives life to an essay or an article. Seeing a person’s personality in their writing is something that I wish I could do better. With the use of imagery, authors’ seem clearer and easier to understand which is why I want to continue to improve this aspect of my writing in future projects.

  • You can write any general thoughts about your engagement with this course and what you may take out of it, if you have any (anything that doesn’t fit into the above questions).

Overall, I really loved this class. At first, I found it really overwhelming because the course load was relatively heavy and I never had an English course like this before. I went to French school for all of my elementary and high school, so I only learned how to write “real” English essays when I started studying at Dawson in 2013. This class was completely different then the three previously classes that I took at Dawson, and I am really glad that I had the opportunity to try different writing techniques that I can incorporate on a daily basis.


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