Lab #10: An ending… kinda?

Lab #10:                                

 Part One: End it with Style

 My parents’ friends were constantly telling them how they did not understand why they let us watch TV so much when my brothers and I were younger. I always saw TV as being a fun activity and I never thought that it could actually harm my development in any way. I learned that there are in fact shows that can have a negative effect on a child’s intelligence which I was completely unaware of prior to writing my paper. I’ve always been a TV junkie and it will probably never change. Even though I am aware of the fact that television has its cons, I do not believe that it can actually damage an individual’s cognitive development throughout his childhood and adolescence. I mean, children should definitely not be couch potatoes 24/7, but c’mon who doesn’t like to kick back and watch an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants every once in a while.


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