Reading Response #11 (Response to Richard Cristel’s article)

The point of your article is relatively clear.

I understood at the beginning of the article with your opening statement that you were a procrastinator and that you wanted to find different tools to help you stop procrastinating.

Basically, I believe that your main point is how to be productive.

I’m not exactly sure what the broader themes of your article are. However, I feel like it could be that you are the one who controls your own life. The whole concept of taking matters into your own hands kind of approach…

I really like the imagery that you used throughout the course of your article. For example: “Masterpiece in hand, you prance to school like the protagonist of a Viagra commercial to the tune of Elton John’s I’m still standing. However, between the yeah, yeah, yeah’s, you can’t help but start wondering how to ensure this literary daredevil escapade never happens again” I really like the way you write, I find it really engaging and it is always great to read an article that makes you laugh and that you can relate to most of the content that is written in it. It shows that you are genuinely interested by your topic and that you have a lot of knowledge concerning the subject that you chose. I also enjoyed how you incorporated logical arguments with scenes, anecdotes and imagery. It makes your article reliable and interesting.

Due to the fact that you are a very descriptive writer, I found that some of the examples that you used are somewhat unclear at times. I had a hard time following what you were trying to say because your choice of words is very sophisticated. I mean, I wish I could write like that, but I’m pretty convinced that I do not know that many words. I would suggest that you keep in mind that you want everyone who reads your article to really understand everything that you are trying to say. Like our professor mentioned in class last week, if you have any doubt that something might be unclear, it’s probably because it is…

Overall, you have amazing writing skills and I am really excited to read the final version of your article. I find it super interesting because I am also a procrastinator, so I could really relate to the whole productivity aspect that you shared with your readers.


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