Lab #9

Part One: Using an anecdote to open your article:

The point that I am trying to get across is that I watched a lot of TV as a child and I do not believe that it had any negative effect on my development. However, I do believe that as an adult, I understand how some shows could not necessarily be beneficial to a child’s development.

During the week, I was raised by a TV.  After a long and relaxing night of sleep, I would slowly wake up and get out of bed. The cracking sound of the cold hardwood floor led me to the kitchen where I would prepare my breakfast: the magical bowl of Lucky Charms.   While sitting at the counter with my brother Shayne, we discussed our plan for the day: Eat our magically delicious breakfast, make a fort, play Pokémon on our Gameboys, feed our pet dragon in the back yard, make a PB& J sandwich, and of course grab our handy dandy notebook just in time for the 1PM episode of Blue’s Clues. We took this show very seriously, because we suddenly transformed into detectives as soon as the theme song would play. We sharpened our coloring crayons as if we were knights that were preparing for the battle of the century. We sat down in our Elmo bean bag chairs that felt like thrones to our own mystical kingdom and we would dedicate all our concentration to figuring out the daily puzzle that Blue was giving us clues to as if it was a new top secret mission that needed to be put into action. Our duty as loyal Blue’s Clues viewers was to help Steve figure out the intricate riddle to allow him to communicate with his dog.  To complete our daily task successfully, it required us to remember the three clues, work as a team with Steve and to deliberate over the possible answers that could be linked to the evidence that we found while watching the 30 minute television program. We often succeeded at figuring out the meaning of the show, and we would always feel proud of our accomplishment.


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