Lab #6

Step One: Description of your program

The Child Studies program consists of studying the role of children in today’s society and understanding the importance that environmental factors have on their development, within a specific educational setting.

Step Two: Broader themes

I believe that my topic can appeal to a broad audience because it can be linked to the topic of human intelligence and the many factors that can influence it. Intelligence is a theme that most individuals comprehend and I believe that my topic will be interesting to many people because it addresses the impact that television has on a child’s intelligence. I want to observe how environmental factors, such as the exposure to television, can impact one’s cognitive ability and due to the fact that every human being has a brain, this subject is relatable to everyone.

Step Three: More publications


Step Four: Writing a scene

 I remember hearing constant noise in my house during my childhood. The melodies on the radio, the voices on the television and the loud alarms from my father’s firefighter pager were few of the daily sounds that made my house a home. My mother was a stay at home mom, and I spent most of my childhood with her before starting school in the fall of 2001. While she cleaned and cooked during the day, I discovered the beauty of imagination. The brilliant place where my mind would travel to when I played alone in my purple room filled with collectible Barbies that I was never allowed to open. From the end of the hall, I could hear the knocking of my mother’s knife hitting the wooden cutting board while she was humming the Shania Twain song that was playing in the background. I always enjoyed hearing the comforting sounds in my house.

I believe that was why I enjoyed being around anything that had to do with music and television. As soon as I would hear the Barney theme song, I would precipitate to the living room with my favorite blanket and pillow. My mother used to be very controlling when it came to managing the amount of time that I could spend in front of the television. She encouraged me to read books and play outside with the neighbors, but the auditory aspect of my play was never as satisfied as when I would be watching my favorite television show or listening to my favorite song on the radio. Shows such as Barney, The Big Comfy Couch, Blues Clues and Bear in The Big Blue House were few of the many shows that my parents told me I was allowed to watch. The clicking of the buttons of the remote control caught my attention when I was in my bedroom and I knew that when I heard the whispering coming from downstairs, that my parents were going to let me watch one last show before going to bed…

Step Six: Using Similes

Intelligence is like a river because even it flows in one direction, but there will always be people who will try to go against it.

Childhood is like a photo album because even though we all went through it, some memories are not worth remembering.

Probably the worst similes ever! lol


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