Lab #3

Part One:

The writer that I brought in today is John Green. I am going to focus on his novel “The Fault in Our Stars”.  John Green uses humor to approach the serious issue of cancer, which is the topic of the book. He also uses a familiar vocabulary and his writing flows nicely throughout the course of the novel. John Green is a very detailed writer, and it is written in the first person, as the main character of Hazel Grace. His style of writing allows the reader to know the characters thoughts and feelings, and how she deals with her illness.  He uses dialogue very frequently which allows the readers to imagine the situation for themselves. Finally, I enjoy his writing because it is written with the use of “teenager expressions” and how the main character is super pessimistic before she meets the love of her life, Augustus Waters. John Green is one of those talented writers that can make you cry and laugh within the length of one page…

Part Two:

People always told me that high school was going to be the best years of my life and how I should enjoy them while they lasted. You want to know the truth? They were right. But at the time, I thought that it was ridiculous and common for parents and old people to say stuff like that. They were nostalgic and old, no wonder they wanted those years back, their lives were boring now.   I was always an average student in high school. I went to class, did my work and went home. There was something about high school that I really hated though, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it… Oh, wait. Yes, I remember now. I hated school because of the people who thought that their lives were interesting enough to become a reality TV show. I wish that I would have liked high school, but in all fairness, I never really tried to enjoy it. The day I actually started to love school was on the day of my graduation. – Yeah, I know. You guys must be thinking “A little late for that buddy, better luck next time”. Well, I’ll have you know that graduation was one of the best days of my life because it was the first time that I’ve ever felt rewarded for being trapped in a concrete shoe box for 5 years.  Standing on a beat-up stage and receiving a fake diploma by a man who looked like Kermit the frog made me emotional.  Maybe it was because I knew that I would never step foot in that school again, or maybe it was the fact that I never ended up breaking in the new pair of high heels that I was wearing and they were giving me mad blisters…

Part Three:

That guy really did look like Kermit the frog. I remember standing in the back of the stage and waiting patiently for Kermit to say my name so I could receive my diploma. I remember staring at him and wondering if Miss Piggy was waiting for him backstage. I mean, there is nothing wrong with looking like a frog, they are relatively good looking amphibians, I guess. Maybe, he was in the process of becoming Prince Charming, or maybe he simply had his own little life on a nice lily pad, in the middle of a peaceful pond where his little frog children could swim and jump around in the comfort of their home.


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