Lab #2: Part Two.

That man was rude. After my English class on November 5th 2013, I took the metro and the 747 bus to the airport. I really hate public transportation, and I wasn’t the one leaving on vacation, so it sucked even more. There was so much traffic, and I hate traffic. It was a really cold and rainy day and obviously, I hate cold and rainy days. Once I got to the airport, I had no idea what gate I had to go to, so I was turning in circles like a lost puppy and I actually really hate looking like a lost puppy. I went to the airport to say goodbye to my boyfriend who was leaving to travel Europe for 3 months. As you might have realized by now, I was not excited, happy or even slightly in a good mood. I prepared my Kleenex box and my cookie dough in advance, because I was an emotional wreck. –When I think of it now it’s actually pretty humorous, I’m picturing myself in a low budget Nicholas Sparks movie, or something- So you must be wondering, who’s the mean man? Yeah, don’t worry, I’m getting to that part.- Obviously I was in tears and exaggerating the moment, I headed to the Lionel-Groulx.  I was standing on the sticker that indicates where the door will be when the metro arrives. This random old dude just comes up to me and starts yelling at me because I was crying. He said: We all have our problems, and you do not see anyone else in this metro crying, do you?  For real, who does that? –I’m laughing about in now, but seriously… that man was rude.


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